Bowler Elementary School

We provide access to success in an ever-changing world

  • Welcome  to Bowler Elementary School!


    Bowler is a wonderful place to learn and grow.  Nestled in western Shawano County, we have a beautiful campus located right in the heart of Bowler, WI. Our school serves just over 250 students through the cooperative efforts of over 40 staff  members. Our children come from five rural townships around the Bowler area. We  also serve the Stockbridge/Munsee Indian Reservation and approximately 45% of  our students are Native American. Diverse cultural activities are central to  our curriculum and we support traditional values through activities such as the  annual school Pow-Wow.  We encourage you to visit our school  and volunteer your time and talents.  

    Small class sizes are important at  Bowler and we are committed to having 18 or less students in all primary  grades, K-3 in accordance with SAGE guidelines. Whenever possible, we provide  additional staff at all grade levels to support flexible grouping for both reading and math instruction. We are fortunate to have all of Bowler’s students from PK-12 under one roof. It provides the opportunity for high school students  to come down to the elementary, as tutors and role models.  

    Bowler Elementary School has a full  day Kindergarten program, a half day 4K program, and an Early Childhood program  for 3 year olds identified with a disability. We also offer Friday Play Groups  for very young children and their parents.  Students receive a high  quality program that provides opportunities for remedial, developmental, and  gifted learners. The Stockbridge/Munsee Tribe has been generous with their  contribution of an additional guidance counselor to help our elementary staff  meet the needs of all students.  To better prepare students for  learning, we provide a free daily breakfast for all K-6 children. We encourage  parent  involvement and include monthly "Family Nights," which feature  a variety of educational activities. 

    Bowler utilizes the latest technology  in the classrooms and is proud to support a talented staff that provides high  quality educational programs for all students. Technology classes are offered  on a regular basis. All classrooms are networked and internet accessible with  computers located in each room. Our classrooms are all equipped with SMART Boards and we have recently purchased a SMART Table for our PK classroom.  Beginning in kindergarten, students spend time each day in several computer  labs. "SuccessMaker" (an Integrated Learning System) is one of the  programs that provide individualized learning instruction for students. We will  be utilizing our ERVING Lab and the portable Polycom to bring virtual field trips to our students. Through technology, we truly are  able to "bring the  world" to our students.  

    Our school culture promotes trust, communication, and an innovative learning environment that cultivates  cooperation. We work together as a professional team for the benefit of  students and community while practicing high ethical standards. A trusting  environment is nurtured among administration, staff, students and community. We  try new and innovative techniques, respect differences and willingly share  ideas with pride. All students are valued and capable of learning with a proper  mix of guidance, support, trust, encouragement, and respect from parents,  teachers, and staff.

    Our staff is committed to supporting  the individual growth of each and every student in partnership with our  families and community.  Through continuous reflection on our teaching  practice we strive to improve instruction for all of Bowler's children. Our  collaborative learning community is built on respect for all individuals  and personal responsibility for ourselves and others.  We work together to  make Bowler Elementary School a welcoming place for all.

    Come join us and see that Bowler School is a great place to learn and grow!