• Bowler Elementary School Song

    Written by Barbara Templeton  

    We are Bowler Elementary

    We're a very special School

    Look at us and you will find

    We're special, we're one of a kind,

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!!

    We are Bowler Elementary

    All of us are really cool, cool dudes!

    We are Bowler Elementary

    And we are the best

    We are Bowler Elementary School

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!



  • Bowler High School Fight Song

    Written by Alan Marquardt

    We are from Bowler High

    and we are proud,

    Because we fight for victory!

    Oh, we are loyal to you Bowler High

    We are behind you all the way

    And we will fight, fight, fight   to bring you fame

    And we will back up all our teams.

    Oh, Bowler High we think that you are grand

    And we will fight right on to victory.