Come Join Us!

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab) at Bowler Schools is open to the community and an opportunity to create and actively work on projects while using the district's tools and equipment. You will have the opportunity to work on monthly projects that are selected by the school, or bring your own!





Participation Requirements

The Fab Lab is open to the community and there is no appointment necessary.

Before you are able to work independently, you will need to complete a skills checklist and a hands on assessment with the Fab Lab Director.

Anyone working in the Fab Lab will need to be 18 or older, have closed toed shoes, all hair tied back, eye protection and no loose fitting clothing.

Dates and Times

February 7th 4:00 - 8:00pm

February 14th 4:00 - 8:00pm

February 21st 4:00 - 8:00pm

February 28th 4:00 - 8:00pm


Contact our Fab Lab Director

Fab Lab Director

Tim Ploeger



Equipment Available

CNC Router

Vinyl Cutter

Large Format Printer


Paint Booth

Hand Tools

Power Tools - Band Saw

Table Saw



CNC Plasma Cutter

Cribbage Board

February's Project

The project for February is an easy to make charcuterie board.

You can make this project to size and shape that you wish.  This would be a great serving board for your next party or they make a great gift.  I estimate that it would take 3 sessions to complete.

The Laser Engraver will be available if you wish to write a message on the board.

Address and Directions

Bowler Middle/High School

500 Almon St, Bowler, WI 54416

Drive around to the back of the building by taking the road on the north side of building (right hand side of main entrance) from the student parking lot area.

The entrance to the Fab Lab area will be between the new sections of the building in the center and the door will be labeled "Fab Lab Entrance".